Covid-19 Emergency Appeal

Help us protect the poor and the most vulnerable from Coronavirus in India


India is bracing itself for a ‘tsunami’ of coronavirus. The country is in lockdown with millions of families living in cramped conditions. The poor, who often rely on day labour, are unable to work. They have no money, no food and live under threat of Covid-19.

The government has announced an aid package to help, but poor infrastructure and other issues mean that many are not getting the aid quickly enough. Some may not get it at all.

This is why we do what we do!


Working through our network of over 100 schools, clinics, health workers and other staff, our Indian colleagues are striving to protect the most vulnerable. This includes malnourished children and adults suffering from underlying health issues. Two of our clinics have containment areas, where the virus is prevalent, on their doorstep.

So far we have been able to respond to the crisis by:

  • Educating villagers about the virus, its symptoms, how to prevent its spread, handwashing, etc.
  • Diagnosing and prescribing for patients via ‘telemedicine’ links to help protect doctors and patients with underlying conditions.
  • Assisting an average of 10 Covid-positive patients every day at our Hyderabad clinic.
  • Providing personal protective equipment for clinic staff, and soon for community health workers.
  • Helping at-risk women access government aid,
  • Providing food for those most in need, including: a hundred families in a containment area in Rajasthan, who would otherwise have only a handful of rice each day; 200 migrant workers and their families in Hyderabad slums; 200 at-risk women and their families unable to obtain ration cards.
  • Assisting local officials in Telangana state, where our staff were commended for helping villagers to understand about the virus, dispelling myths and taking away the stigma of being infected.

And much more!


Please help us respond to this emergency and protect the most vulnerable.

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With your help, we can.

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We want to help protect the most vulnerable from coronavirus and from the devastating effects of no income due to the crisis.

With your help, we can.

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