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    Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and exploitation
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Dalit Freedom Network

We want to bring freedom and hope to Dalit children
and others from poor and marginalised communities
in India.

With your help, we can.

The Challenge

When Dalit leaders requested help to educate their children they asked for quality schools teaching in English – still the language of opportunity in India – from a worldview that emphasized equality and respect, freedom and justice, human worth and dignity.

Anusha's Story

Anusha was about to be sold by her father because he could no longer afford to feed his family. Instead he sent her to one of our schools where she flourished. Now her ambition is to become a government official:

“I am so inspired by the commitment of the school staff that I want to serve poor people and children like myself in my community”.

Our Response

We support over 100 schools across India run by our Indian partners serving more than 25,000 children mainly from Dalit, tribal and other poor and marginalised communties. They provide knowledge and skills enabling children to access higher education and better jobs.

Trafficking Prevention

Our schools not only help prevent slavery later in life by enabling pupils to get better jobs with better pay, but also help prevent child trafficking and bonded labour now.

We believe that in some areas as many as three or four pupils out of every ten would be in some form of modern slavery if they were not in school.

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