we do what we do

Over the last 20 years our movement has responded to requests from major community leaders to provide holistic English-medium education so their communities can find true dignity and freedom in the modern world.

We were asked to serve the poor, marginalised and outcastes of South Asia. We focus on restoring the dignity and freedom of women and children who are the most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. This is why we do what we do


we are

DFN UK, a development and empowerment charity, is part of a global network supporting indigenous partners* responding to the requests of community leaders to educate their children and protect their women.

*OMIF (Operation Mercy India Foundation), a humanitarian initiative of the Good Shepherd Church in India.


Laxmi* dreamed of becoming a doctor and serving the needy - people like her mother, often unwell but unable to afford treatment.

She attended one of our Good Shepherd Schools in South India where she not only received quality education but also care and support throughout many challenges during her childhood.

Laxmi worked hard and achieved the third highest exam results in her state. After studying medicine at university, Laxmi realised her dreams and qualified as a medical doctor. Now she is working in our healthcare programme serving the poor and marginalised.

*this is a true story but we have changed the name to protect the individual

can make it happen

We want to empower the most vulnerable to find freedom from exploitation and restore their dignity.

You can help by making a donation or by sponsoring a child's education.