we do what we do

When Nandini* was given the opportunity of a good quality education in one of our Good Shepherd schools, the seed of a dream was planted. She discovered a love for computers and, as her confidence grew, she began to imagine the possibility of a career in computing.

Encouraged by her teachers, and with good exam grades, Nandini has gone on to study software engineering with every prospect of a good job – something she could never imagine coming from a poor Dalit family.

This is why we do what we do.
*This is a true story but we have changed the name to protect the individual.


Our response

Now we are delivering this to more than 26,000 children in 100 Good Shepherd schools across India – our response to this request.

we do


Community leaders in India asked for quality education to give children from Dalit, tribal and other poor and marginalised communities opportunities they could never dream of having.


They asked for English-medium schools: the language of opportunity denied for so long to the poor and marginalised.


They asked for values-based education within an ethos that emphasised respect for others, self-worth, dignity, freedom and equality.

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We want to build more schools in South Asia to meet the demand from community leaders, as well as give more children this life-changing opportunity. 

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Our schools

Our Good Shepherd Schools welcome all, regardless of background, faith or social status, but our primary focus is on children from Dalit, tribal, and other poor and marginalised communities.

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Community Hubs

Our schools have developed into hubs, with healthcare, vocational training, adult education and other economic development programmes to benefit the local community.

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