community hubs

Our schools have developed into hubs for the local community, with adult education, healthcare, economic empowerment and relief programmes.


Our education programme is about more than changing the lives of children, it is also about transforming communities.

This is why we do what we do!


Our schools act as community hubs for other development programmes. These vary from school to school, but may include...


  • A community health worker (CHW) based at the school providing basic health and hygiene education, screening, vaccinations, and more for students, their families and others in the local community.
  • eClinic with a video link to a doctor or clinician at a hub clinic. The CHW facilitates the patient consultation, treatment and referrals.

Economic empowerment

  • Vocational skills training courses
  • Self-help groups, which can often enable access to small bank loans, for example to start up a business enterprise.
  • Small business set-up grants.

Adult education

  • Adult literacy classes.
  • Awareness sessions on basic rights and how to access benefits and justice.


  • Regular food parcels, nutritionally balanced, with enough meals for 3-4 weeks for families at risk of starvation, for example, when they have no work or income.


We want to improve the prospects and outlook of local communities, bringing hope and opportunities that may otherwise have been denied to them.

With your help, we can!

can make it happen

We want to build more schools in South Asia to meet the demand from community leaders, as well as give more children this life-changing opportunity.

With your help, we can.

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