community hubs

Our schools have developed into hubs, with healthcare, vocational training, adult education and other economic development programmes to benefit the local community.


Our education programme is about more than changing the lives of children, it is also about transforming communities.

This is why we do what we do!


Our schools act as community hubs for other development programmes.


Often a community healthcare worker will be based at the school not only to provide healthcare and education for the students but also for their families and the wider community.

Economic empowerment

Vocational training, self-help groups and small business start-up loans may also be made available as a result of the school’s reach into the community.

Rights awareness

Raising awareness of human and constitutional rights and entitlements through both formal and informal means is a key element in community transformation.


We want to increase our effectiveness in transforming communities and changing outlooks.

With your help, we can!

can make it happen

We want to build more schools in South Asia to meet the demand from community leaders, as well as give more children this life-changing opportunity.

With your help, we can.

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