medical camps

Taking doctors and medics to rural and slum areas so that the poor and marginalised can access healthcare.


In the rural areas there are many people who have never been able to see a doctor or a nurse, making them particularly vulnerable to preventable illness and disease.

This is why we do what we do!


With a limited number of viable clinics, taking basic GP services to communities in far flung rural areas is a vital intervention in the fight against sickness and disease.


Blood pressure checks and basic AIDS screening are among the services offered through medical camps.

GP consultations

At least one GP will be available on each medical camp, for those with ailments or with issues highlighted from the screening. Sometimes other medical professionals, such as dentists or opticians, may also be available.

Referrals and prescriptions

Prescribed medicines and drugs are made available at low cost. Patients can also be referred for tests or more specialized consultations and treatment.

can make it happen

We want to provide more healthcare to enable the poor and marginalised to take opportunities to escape exploitation and oppression.

You can help by donating to our Healthcare fund to help prevent and treat illness and disease among the most vulnerable.