economic empowerment

women's development centres

Providing vocational skills training for poor and marginalised women in a safe and caring environment.


Women from marginalised communities are often trapped in poverty through illiteracy and a lack of vocational skills. This increases the risk of exploitation and abuse. Skills training in a supportive environment can make a real difference in their prospects, enabling them to access a greater range of opportunities and reclaim their futures.

This is why we do what we do!


Our Women’s Development Centres deliver accredited vocational training courses to at-risk women. Our initial centre has been operating for a number of years in the state of Telangana. We are in the process of replicating the centre in rural areas of the state.

Vocational skills training

Courses lasting for three or six months, accredited by the local authority, include tailoring, spoken English, basic IT, beauty therapies and basic nursing. Courses take place in a safe and caring environment. Courses also cover entrepreneurship and money management, enabling women to shape their own futures with their new skillset.


These courses are a gateway to employment and business opportunities. Where appropriate, we may offer small grants to those who successfully complete their course to enable them to set up a micro business where they can use their learned skills. Whether it’s setting up a business or getting a job, their training not only helps them to earn a livelihood, but also gives them dignity.


We want to continue expanding and replicating our women's development centres so that more at-risk women have access to the vocational training opportunities they need to build a better life for themselves and their families.

With your help, we can.

can make it happen

We want to provide more of such opportunities, as well as explore and expand other income generating models.   

You can help by donating to our Economic Empowerment fund to help restore dignity and freedom to the poor and the marginalised.