Reducing the Risk Appeal

GIVE TODAY to help reduce the risk of girls being exploited


Girls, particularly those in poor and marginalised communities in India, are at high risk of being exploited through traff icking, ritualised prostitution, child marriage, bonded labour, etc.

This is why we do what we do!


How can we reduce the risk?

Our experience over the last two decades shows that if we can provide a girl with education, even for one or two years, it substantially reduces the risk of her being exploited or trafficked.

Our schools provide good quality, English-medium education in a respectful, discrimination-free environment. This gives children confidence, builds up their self-esteem, restores dignity, and empowers them.


We have identified areas where young girls are most at risk and will target those areas with funds from the appeal.

Many poor families cannot afford to educate their children. This leaves children, especially girls, at risk. Our aim is to use these funds to help those children access education and thereby reduce the risk.

Please give generously to our Reducing the Risk Appeal!

With your help, we can.

can make it happen

We want to reduce the risk of girls being exploited by giving them an education in our schools.

With your help, we can.

Click the Donate to Appeal button to make a single gift - £180 will fund one year, £360 funds two years. 

Or Click Make Regular Donations button - £15 a month will fund a girls education.